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      職位要求 / Qualification Requirements:

      電氣與電子工程專業,機電,信息工程,計算機或相關專業畢業,碩士以上學歷。歡迎國內211/985優秀本科畢業生或海歸畢業生應征。Master degree holders or higher in majors such as electrical engineering, electro-mechanical, information engineering, computer science or other related majors. Excellent bachelor degree holders from 211/985 universities or foreign universities are also welcome.

      3年以上電機控制器設計開發及生產工作經驗;Three years or above working experience in motor drive-related design, development or production engineering positions.

      航空電機控制器,伺服電機控制器及新能源電機控制器相關工作經驗優先. Talents with good experience in aerospace motor drive, servo motor drive or new-energy transportation motor drive industries are preferred.

      掌握電機控制系統及電力電子系統的專業基礎理論知識和專業技術知識,能獨立完成電機控制軟件算法方案設計者優先;Knowledge in motor drive and power electronics. Talents who can complete control algorithm design independently are preferred.

      具備良好的程序調試能力;Good motor drive software immigration and tuning capabilities.

      熟練掌握DSP、FPGA、單片機技術,熟練使用C語言,了解及時系統程序設計;Master DSP, FPGA, micro-computer techniques, and experienced in C language and other most updated software programing languages or design methods.

      熟悉實驗室設備,包括示波器、電源、電流/電壓探頭及焊接。Experiences in working with power electronics lab equipment, including oscilloscope, power supply source, current or voltage probing machines and MIG-or-TIG welding.

      具有良好的溝通能力、團隊協作能力。工作上能實事求是,求真務實; Talents with good communication skills and team work spirit. Pragmatic and work down-to-the-earth.

      英語熟練, 足夠采用英語書寫, 交流或閱讀英語技術文件??焖賹W習能力和溝通能力;Talents with good English skills, sufficient to read English technological documents and communicate with colleagues in English. Good learner and communicator.


      工作職能/Job Description:

      電機控制器軟件設計及開發;To design and develop motor drive in software and algorithm;

      負責控制器產品的軟件實施, 算法實施, 調試等工作;To be responsible for the implementation of the control algorithm, software immigration and fine-tuning and testing of the drive systems.

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